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Public Safety: P25/Multi-Band > Thales Multi-Band Liberty PRC-7332 P25


The Thales Liberty multiband Land Mobile Radio (LMR) is equivalent to existing single-band portables in size, weight, and performance and with Project 25 (P25) and FCC Type acceptance it is a true LMR.

With more than 10 years of P25 public safety experience and an unequaled software-defined radio technology base serving the U.S. DoD, Thales is uniquely positioned to meet the critical needs of the broad user community.


Full coverage in all Public Safety Bands:
VHF: 136-174 MHz
UHF: 380-520 MHz
700 MHz
800 MHz

Project 25 (P25) Conventional and Trunking
Legacy Analog 25/12.5 kHz channel spacing

Project 25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP)
Passed Trunking Interoperability Testing:

Motorola trunked system
Harris trunked system
Cassidian (EADS) trunked system
Raytheon trunked system
Tait trunked system

General Features

Perfect Bridge Radio
The Liberty multiband LMR takes advantage of existing infrastructure but can also operate without infrastructure. Also it allows migration to new digital systems. It is the perfect radio for bridging between established regional P25 trunked systems and conventional radio users from adjacent municipalities using other bands.

Flexible Deployment
The Liberty multiband LMR can serve a single incident commander, a group of agency commanders, all squad leaders in an agency, or every team member, as required. This means that communications interoperability improvements can be delivered across the broad cross-section of users, from the smallest rural agencies to the largest urban systems.

Ease of Use
The Liberty multiband LMR is easy to operate, requires minimal training, and can be deployed quickly. With day-to-day use, users become intimately familiar with its operation, and in crisis situations this familiarity can be life-saving.

Spectrum Utilization
The Liberty multiband LMR offers maximum spectrum utilization and unprecedented efficiency because the agent's portable radio will be able to operate on a variety of frequency bands. Local users who have moved to 800 MHz systems, but have kept older VHF and UHF conventional frequencies for back-up, will be able to access all of these bands for additional talk paths.

Federal users who have been frustrated by VHF spectrum crowding are now free to use the 402 to 420 MHz band in a single portable radio. Mutual Aid Channels. A well-defined set of mutual aid channels, now with proposed common nomenclature, exists nationwide for public safety and federal agency communications interoperability.

The Liberty multiband LMR is able to host these channels in all of the major bands for maximum links among agencies. What this all means is that instead of carrying two or three radios, users can now interoperate fully in legacy analog, and in trunked and conventional P25 digital, with full encryption, with just one single, easy-to-use multiband radio.