Communications When You Need It Most

Public Safety
Many local police, fire, EMS and security services have migrated to P25 products provided by Nielson Communications. Some of the public safety manufactures we represent are JVCKenwood, EF Johnson, now owned by JVCKenwood, and Harris Corp. Local, regional and state authorities use products and services that are more cost effective than previous vendors equipment saving money and expanding the use of their already tight budgets.
Efficient and cost effective communication within manufacturing facilities has been a struggle with old solutions such as overhead paging and out of date analog radio systems not quite providing the necessary communication needed in today's highly efficient manufacturing facilities. With the advent of DMR and NXDN digital technologies NCI has provided solutions to companies such as Oshkosh Defense, Pierce Manufacturing and Marinette Marine with high tech digital radio two-way radios that provide cost effective voice and data within plants, between individual departments, plant-to-plant wide area communications for first responders and within the hulls of ships to improve employee productivity and employee safety.
ThedaCare™ is a community health system consisting of 7 hospitals and 35 clinics across 14 counties in Northeastern Wisconsin. It is the third largest health care employer in the state, with approximately 6,800 employees serving over 235,000 patients. Nielson Communications recommended Hytera's DMR solution to network multiple hospitals to a central security dispatch making for a wide-area digital communication network for security personnel. The recommended portables were the PD682 and PD782 radios. The PD782s are built to military standards, making them durable enough for everyday use by the security staff. The ability to communicate within the hospitals many floors and between hospital locations has improved the security departments efficiency and employee safety.
The Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District serves approximately 120,000 residents and businesses on the North Bay sub-region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission is to make Vallejo a safe and healthy place to live and work by keeping the city's wastewater and storm water free from pollution. The District has won numerous statewide awards for community engagement and plant safety. The District has been using Hytera radios for 3 years. The coverage of the PD602 radios has reduced the need for repeaters in areas that used to pose coverage issues.
Royal Windsor Racecourse had a communication issue. With a mix of legacy radios that suffered from short battery time, connectivity issues, difficulty of use and compatibility problems, the racecourse team was unable to coordinate a number of functions required to deliver excellent customer service and maintain the high standards of the racecourse. The decision was made to work with Hytera. Royal Windsor Racecourse has worked with Sam from WalltoWall since 2009, receiving expert advice and support, servicing and programming for their radio fleet, and assistance with hire radios at short notice for their larger events. WalltoWall recommended a Hytera solution, and the radio chosen was the PD702LT portable DMR with MCA08 MCU multi-unit, rapid-rate chargers.
Nielson Communications, Inc, (NCI) provides several regional municipalities with digital radio communications. Most recently NCI has upgraded the City of Green Bay's Public Works Department with a multi-repeater XPT (expanded pseudo trunking) system that replaced an old analog single channel VHF repeater. Coverage in some areas was a concern however the largest issue was the congestion on the single repeater that all departments were sharing. With the XPT system each department now has their own talk-group which has improved communication between managers and workers. The choice was obvious for Green Bay- the Hytera XPT system proposed checked all the boxes in terms of performance and technology while saving the city tens of thousands of dollars. NCI is proud to be providing the City of Green Bay DPW with a solution that is fitting their current and future needs. Green Bay is only one of many municipalities using NCI for their radio communications.
Radio communications have always played an important and critical part in the role of MSS providing security services to its clients. MSS staff previously used a variety of analog radios and was well aware of the limitations of analog radio systems with poor and inconsistent radio communications and issues with battery life. After deploying a Hytera Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system at Governor Philip Tower in Sydney, and seeing the positive impact it made compared to analog radios, MSS Management decided to deploy the same Hytera digital radios when they were awarded the security contract at the very high profile
Appleton Area School District consists of 38 different schools that make up grade school, middle school, high school and several different charter schools providing education to over 16,000 students. Communication within schools for student and staff safety was a major concern throughout the district. Not only did they need to have in-building communications in individual schools but the district administration also needed to have district wide radio communications in the case of an emergency. Nielson Communications provided a design and proposal to network the high schools together with Tier II DMR technology and Hytera’s RD982i repeaters with IP Connect to build a wide-area network providing push-to-talk radio communication between schools. Security and safety was the driving force behind implementing such a system however the greatest benefit financially was the improved daily communication between the schools staff and between the maintenance and facilities personnel. The system has grown to over 12 repeaters with over 700 radios providing the necessary communications between schools and staff as envisioned by the district administration. NCI is proud to have had the opportunity to develop and work with the districts personnel to build a system that best fits their needs and budget. “We view our relationship with the district and its personnel as a win-win partnership.” “Together we will keep the students and staff safe while helping them work efficiently!” said Steve Nielson President of Nielson Communications, Inc.
The North Star Mohican Casino Resort, located on 20 acres of land in northern Wisconsin, features a Las Vegas-style casino and a full-service resort with 130 hotel rooms. Other amenities include a spa, several conference rooms, additional gaming space, as well as diverse dining and entertainment venues. The 600,000-square-foot facility employs a staff of over 400, and is committed to providing the highest level of service to its customers in a prompt and professional manner. Working closely with Hytera dealer Nielson Communications, North Star opted for the Hytera DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) communication system, which would address the coverage issues and provide the talk group capability required for enhanced communications throughout the facility. Hytera DMR PD782G radios, in conjunction with the RD982 DMR repeater and two Omni antennas, provided North Star with an affordable and reliable communication system to effectively manage daily operations of the resort and casino.
Eurotunnel is the most environmentally friendly cross channel operator in Europe. The Eurotunnel Group manages and operates the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France including the vehicle shuttle services. By the end of 2013, more than 320 million passages had already travelled through the channel tunnel. In 2014, Eurotunnel decided to change their outdated communication system. Hytera’s UK distributor ANT Telecom, a bespoke communication provider, won the tender to provide a Hytera two-way radio solution to Eurotunnel. The solution, customized for site-wide & emergency channel communication, was scheduled to go live 5th April 2014. Hytera replaced the existing analog system with a Hytera digital radio solution that provided full site communication, including RD98 repeaters and PD70X/78X portable radios.
Originally formed as the Stafford Township First Aid Squad in 1951, Stafford Township EMS provides emergency medical services to a 47-square mile area in New Jersey. The squad is made up of all volunteers who respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, participation in continuing education training allows them to acquire the necessary skills to provide the highest level of care. Using a legacy analog system for its emergency communications, department personnel were experiencing lack of range, dropped signals, and poor audio quality. The RD982 is an open-standard DMR repeater capable of being connected via the internet to multiple sites. The MD782G and PD782G radios comply with military and IP specifications and deliver optimum performance in challenging emergency situations. A combination of narrowband codec, digital error-correction, and AGC technologies provide clear communications and broader coverage.
In 2007, the Turkish National Police met with Hytera after purchasing TC3600 radio sets and accessories, and sought further cooperation with Hytera to renew most of their radio sets that needed essential upgrades. Since then, Turkish National Police has kept a close eye on all of Hytera’s newest products. Hytera recommended the world’s first professional covert DMR portable radio, X1e. Its compact design and wireless headsets fully guarantee that equipment is concealed. In addition, AES encryption algorithm & 256-digit dynamic encryption keys were applied to make sure that communication data can’t be cracked by a third-party. Hytera also provided its professional smart dispatch system, through which officials in the command center can keep abreast of position information of personnel and then command and dispatch efficiently and quickly.