Airspace Monitoring Systems develops portable CO monitor systems designed for passive screening in EMS based on AGS™ (Advanced Gas Sensing) solid state technology.

Airspace monitors provide personal protection and allow the delivery of better service at an affordable overall cost and without adding significantly to the training burden.

Airspace is committed to providing a quality product that is affordable, easy to use and dependable. In developing the Airspace gas monitor, the emphasis was to build in quality throughout the design process. Airspace strongly believes that uncompromising quality is not an option – it is an obligation.

Emergency Response and Mitigation

  • CO and Gas alarm response
  • EMS Monitoring for every call
  • Rehab and Overhaul
  • Command Post Monitoring
  • Protection during investigations
  • Police response hazard protection

Industry – Protection from CO

  • Used in educational, institutional, grocery, and retail industries
  • Environmental monitoring during operation of gas/propane powered tools
  • Equipment Sales & Rental industry

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