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Appleton Wisconsin Library Security

Collaboration with Nielson Communications, Response Technologies, and city officials provides a robust and proactive security system for Appleton Library.

Appleton is a small, inviting city in Northeast Wisconsin that overlooks the Fox River. The city is perhaps most famous as the boyhood town of famed magician Harry Houdini. In May of 2019, a tragic shooting incident took place in front of the library and the city’s adjacent Valley Transit Center.

An individual being treated for a drug overdose shot and killed a firefighter and injured a police officer. The city had previously addressed security in the neighborhood around the city’s library, but this frightening incident made security an even higher priority.

Rudy Nyman, former police captain for Appleton Police Department and now Public Safety Business Development Manager for Nielson Communications, Inc. had an answer. Nyman was very familiar with Response Technologies, having used Centurion Scout Portable Alarm Systems during his 27 years in law enforcement. “I knew Response Technologies offered quality products,” Nyman says. Because of this, Nyman was enthusiastic about his organization’s partnership with Response Technologies. He was confident that, together, Nielson Communications and Response Technologies could offer an effective total security solution to the city.

Nyman and the Response Technologies channel team initially met with Dean Gazza the Parks, Recreation & Facilities Management Director, and Colleen Rortvedt the Appleton Library Director.

Officials were impressed with the two-second response time from sensor activation to responder notification and with how agile the system was. The city could invest in the system now and later expand to other parts of the city and even relocate it to a new library facility. “What appealed to me about the solution recommended by Nielson Communications was the ease of installation into our existing building,” says Gazza. “I was extremely pleased to know that we would not have to run new wiring and we would have the flexibility for future growth.

Decision-makers realized they needed to make changes to keep everyone safe.” Nyman says.

The decision-makers realized they needed to make changes to keep everyone safe,” Nyman says. The library did not have funds set aside for security; however, the city was planning a new library/mixed-use property scheduled for construction in 2022. Gazza had already been exploring security options for the new building. When the finance committee found the Centurion Elite® system could be purchased and used immediately in the existing library—and then relocated to the new building—they voted to use funds from the building program. The security system is entirely wireless so it is not difficult to move it to the new library facility, with adjustments to the new space.

In addition to leveraging the existing equipment in the new facility, the Centurion Elite® system can also expand and scale into other city buildings with the simple addition of the Centurion Gateway® remote receiver. This is something the city may consider in the future. “We placed a high importance on having the ability to expand the system in the future,” says Gazza.

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