BodyWorn products provide mission critical intelligence. 

Utility, Inc. is a vertically integrated US manufacturer and supplier of an intelligent ecosystem of software and hardware solutions, including body cameras, in-car video, mobile routers, mobile Digital Multimedia Evidence management systems, and situational awareness software solutions for law enforcement, transportation agencies, and utilities. 

Benefits of BodyWorn 

  • BodyWorn is the most advanced police body camera on the market. Using artificial intelligence to create situational awareness, the assistive features operate seamlessly within our complete evidence ecosystem.
  • The list of automated triggers is long: CAD Activation, Holster Sensor Activation, Vehicle Sensor Activation, Foot Pursuit Activation and more.
  • BodyWorn can be automatically activated as an officer is assigned to a call for duty, ensuring that video is recorded during the incident.
  • Detect the moment a firearm is removed from it's holster, activating BodyWorn and sending real-time alerts to dispatch and nearby officers.
  • Built-in accelerometer technology, BodyWorn can detect when an officer is running and trigger recording, allowing the officer to focus on remaining safe during a high-stress encounter.

Our Mission is to never ask an officer to do something the technology can do for them.

It all comes together as one unified offering — built to work together, saving time and money, while protecting legal evidence.

Additionally, our system preserves the reputations of law enforcement departments and their officers, discourages frivolous litigation, supports prosecution, and promotes officer safety.

We pride ourselves on working closely with our  partners to incorporate industry best practices, shaping the technology to help solve critical legal evidence capture challenges.

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