Communications Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing is constantly under pressure to reduce costs while improving quality and increasing output, with the pressure of competing in the global market. Accurate monitoring, reporting and analytics of manufacturing processes are essential, without losing attention to worker safety. Reliable, instant communications is at the core of each of these demands.

Unscheduled downtime costs millions of dollars a year due to equipment failures. Deploying radios in the manufacturing environment makes it easier to control and monitor critical processes, even with difficult to reach machinery, monitoring maintenance criteria to pinpoint what is likely to fail and when.

Replace legacy technology like cable with wireless, facilitated by specialized NEXEDGE apps for remote monitoring or deploy a Gen2 system that integrates with an existing IP network, smartphones and other mobile devices. Technicians no longer must take the time to gather diagnostics from multiple machines, scattered across the factory campus, and bring them to a central control room for analysis. Data can be shared with team members for immediate analysis.

Radios make employees more efficient by improving the information
flow throughout the facility. When every worker is connected, downtime
is minimized, and all operations are both efficient and safer. The same immediate response tool so critical for productivity gains is equally critical when an accident occurs, and worker safety is compromised. Ruggedized, with superior coverage and voice clarity and features like man-down and indoor/outdoor location technology and GPS, radios can be relied upon in the factory setting when other mobile devices can fail.

Attracting, developing and retaining employees is a top concern for manufacturing executives. A safe work environment is key to fulfilling that objective.

Manufacturers will continue to move away from make-to-stock and shift towards less inventory dependent build-, configure- and engineer-to-order fulfillment strategies. This tactical shift requires a faster and more agile response, both to current factory conditions and to the requirements of customers.


Human skills play an essential role in the future of manufacturing, especially where people and technology are being integrated more closely and intensively than ever before. The most successful factories are human-centered systems.

Making people more efficient in the manufacturing environment, therefore, is key. When workers are mobile, taking their expertise where needed to make rapid decisions, productivity is improved and costs reduced.

Improve communications throughout your plant with NEXEDGE portable and mobile digital two-way radios. A custom NEXEDGE system, with a central command-and-control to link multiple sites and channels, will meet your voice and data requirements across multiple campuses and locations.

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