Dispatch Systems for Professional Use

Managing multiple field units from a centralized location requires advanced technology whether your needs involve emergency services, retail distribution or even internal fleet considerations. NCI provides consultation, installation, and support for a variety of scalable dispatch solutions.

Dispatch solutions that leverage digital mobile radio (DMR) technology are more complicated than a yes or no question. There are many variables that must be determined prior to designing an appropriate system, and NCI engineers have the expertise to guide customers through the decision tree.

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Console is the Key to Dispatch Systems

The dispatch console is the hub of any dispatch solution. A full-featured model provides the greatest array of functionality and generates the best opportunity for maximizing your organization’s entire dispatch solution investment.

NCI experts will help you understand the benefits available with each component of the recommended dispatch solution, primarily the console that anchors the system. The simplicity of use is a major factor, as virtually all consoles that work with digital radio use PC-based dispatch workstations.

Console is the Key to Dispatch Systems

Some of the features you will want to consider include:

  • Text messaging
  • GPS location services
  • Remote monitoring of audio
  • Emergency management
  • Call logging
  • Linking with other users
  • Phone connectivity
  • Rapid recall of audio
  • Remote disabling of a radio
  • Integrated contacts