Kenwood Solutions for Senior Living Facilities

Learn How Kenwood Radios and Systems can work for you.

Trusted by first responders throughout the U.S., assisted living operators can rely on KENWOOD for radios that meet the same level of ruggedness and sophisticated features. Affordable and reliable, two-way radios help to provide the high level of security, privacy, and comfort your residents need while helping staff function with speed and efficiency.

Assisted living facilities are already experiencing an acute labor shortage. Unable to add head count, most facilities turn their attention to productivity and efficiency initiatives. With digital radios, every staff member can quickly report a door left ajar, a spill or a fallen resident from anywhere on campus without leaving their own duties. The instant-on capability of digital two-way radios means they are faster than dial-and-wait smart phones, plus, one staff member can talk to multiple staffers on a single call with one-to-many calling capabilities.


Protecting the safety of staff members by enabling them to get help quickly with two-way radios is at the heart of a safe and secure environment for residents. Addressing safety issues immediately is key to preventing or mitigating physical dangers. A one-button or voice activated digital radio is the quick, immediate and reliable way to summon help if a staff member is having difficulty lifting a resident or has been injured. Even in a high noise environment like the laundry room or kitchen, voices are clear and loud




A strong internal communications structure, supported by digital radios, means swift notification of a potential safety issue, whether it is an unlocked door, an intruder or a resident who has fallen or wandered off the property. Without stopping their own work, any staff member can summon security, maintenance, the executive director or a nurse.



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