Nielson Communications Accommodates Nature’s Way


Nature’s Way, a manufacturing company based out of Green Bay, Wisconsin which specializes in oils, probiotics, herbs, and vitamins since 1969 needed a more efficient means of communicating with several departments throughout three different campuses in the most efficient and cost effective means possible and cellular wasn’t going to be an option.

Mark Nelson, Director of Engineering, contacted Nielson Communications to discuss their somewhat unique needs and requirements. Upon listening to the pains of communicating Nielson Communications, Inc. (NCI) designed a system that solved all of Nature’s Way’s requirements in a very affordable system which consisted of three networked repeaters sites and fifty plus portable radios that the employees would carry on their person throughout their day. They now have a very robust, yet simple, means of group communication between departments with a simple push of button.

After about year of using the radios, Nielson Communications reached out to Nature’s Way for much appreciated feedback. “The system that was implemented has created a large advantage for their company by saving time and increasing employee efficiencies,” said Mark Nelson.

Mark Nelson, Director of Engineering, at Nature’s Way felt our products were durable and a better choice compared to buying a cheaper alternative. “Having a local vendor that came in to help design a system around our needs was a deciding factor when it came to making a decision” said Mark Nelson. Nature’s Way believes the radios help them the most when working in the manufacturing and maintenance type environment, due to the reliability and solid construction of the radio.
The features, besides the ability to have instant group or department communications, that sold Nature’s Way on the product were the emergency notice capability and the lone worker option. The lone worker feature can be activated when an employee works in an area, such as a rooftop or in the warehouse, where no other employees are nearby. Should the employee need help they can press the emergency button which sends an alert to all the other radios with the radios ID.

Another beneficial feature was the ability to program numerous channels, talk-groups, for the different departments, such as maintenance, production, shipping or any other department allowing for independent communication between each talk-group/department but also allowing for an ALL CALL function where all radios can receive an ALL CALL transmission. “The feature works great if there is a need to evacuate the facilities where ALL radios will be able to hear this radio call” said Mark Nelson, Director of Engineering.

One of the main reason Nature’s Way chose Nielson Communications, Inc. (NCI) as their preferred vendor was because of NCI’s ability to respond to their needs with the best solution and in a timely fashion. “Having been provided product to evaluate prior to making the final decision helped in our comfort level in choosing NCI”, said Mark Nelson.

If you would more information on how Nature’s Way is benefitting from a digital two-way radio system please contact Nielson Communications at 920-494-1828 ext 1001 or email [email protected]

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