North Star Mohican Casino & Resort

Radio communication required to span the 600,000 square foot facility including 20 acres without signal loss…

How Hytera’s DMR digital two-way radio solution enhances North Star Mohican Casino & Resort customer response times through increased coverage.

The North Star Mohican Casino Resort is a true Las Vegas-style casino resort located in Northern Wisconsin. For 20 years, North Star has been a featured locale for both entertainment and relaxation for Wisconsin’s residents and visitors.

North Star serves thousands of customers within their expansive 600,000 square foot facility located on 20 acres of land. It is their definitive purpose that the staff of over 400 are able to preempt and respond to the needs of their customers promptly, and with ease. Prior to the installation of their new Hytera DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) communication system, North Star was primarily operating a VHF analog two–way radio system.

Wanting to broaden the coverage of their communicating abilities throughout their entire facility, amongst multiple departments, and with a reach across their expansive acreage, they required a reassessment of their current VHF analog system.

“With the incorporation of new facilities (a brand new property), signal strength became a real issue and hindrance to communicating effectively and timely to meet the guests’ needs and the operations’ needs.“ – Terrance Miller, Director of Security and Facilities, North Star Mohican Casino & Resort.

Nielson Communications (NCI) worked closely with North Star not only to learn the pain point with their current communications; NCI listened closely to where the casino and resort wanted to be in the future. The solution that would accommodate their current expansion and desire to grow was the Hytera DMR PD782G, with RD982 Hytera DMR repeater, and 2 Omni antennas. This solution is providing the necessary coverage and required talkgroup capacity with an affordable and dependable communication system, engineered for future expansion capabilities.

Since the implementation, North Star Mohican Casino and Resort has achieved a higher quality of communications. The design and equipment increased the coverage within the complex resulting in a faster response time for the staff to attend to the needs of their guests and that of the business operations.

The employees have noted the equipment is easy to operate, reliable, and lightweight with a low unobtrusive profile. They appreciate the long operating hours between charges and very low maintenance needs. North Star was also pleased to learn that NCI offers a low monthly maintenance program. As with any investment, they wanted to protect their purchase with the lowest cost assurance that when they needed help they would receive it without worrying about their budget.

Working with NCI was a positive “throw-back” to an era when a company could still be taken at their word… when a promise made was a promise kept.” Terrance went on to say, “NCI really delivered on helping to provide an affordable, state of the art, digital two-way communication system that was also scalable and dependable.

NCI is honored to meet and exceed this challenge. Staffed with responsive, trained personnel, NCI is and will continue to build upon the relationship with the North Star Mohican Casino and Resort.

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