Centurion Elite

Centurion Elite


The Centurion Elite® is the world’s fastest, and most advanced, emergency notification solution.  Whether security, facility or environmental emergency the Centurion Elite® instantly notifies first responders of issues within seconds. Capable of using a variety of wireless and network-driven sensors, the Centurion Elite® provides a flexible solution to fit facilities of all sizes.

The Centurion Elite’s® architecture transmits voice and text notifications to phone, two-way radio, email, text message, and computer monitoring stations. Elite Audience™ allow for customers to easily tailor who receives notifications based on criteria such as sensor type, time, date, and emergency level.

Because of the Elite’s modular design, and practically limitless expandable memory, the system can grow with customers as their needs expand.

Centurion Elite Features

  • The Centurion Elite®* is the fastest emergency notification system on the market, transmitting pinpointed voice/text notifications directly to first responders instantly.
  • The Centurion Elite® instantly transmits location specific notifications to first responders via Two-way Radio, Email, Text, Phone, Local Speaker, or Monitoring Software simultaneously.
  • Through Centurion Elite’s mass notification function users can set-up pre-defined notification groups that can be instantly notified if an emergency arises.

Additional Features include

• Panic Button System • Security and Intrusion System • Door and Entry Way Monitoring • Temperature and Humidity Monitoring • Integratable Communication Component • Mass Notification System