The Centurion®  Duress and Emergency Notification System is the fastest system of its kind on the market.

Transmitting unique pinpointed notifications without delay to facility personnel. Centurion®  allows personnel to move about the premises, yet respond quickly and effectively to an emergency call.

How It Works: A location-specific notification is input into the Centurion system. That notification, which is triggered by a wireless or network based sensor, is transmitted to facility personnel or security by way of two-way radio, pager, phone (landline or mobile), and/or email in seconds. Officers know immediately where they’re needed without any dispatch delay.

Scalability: The Centurion® adapts to the size and needs of any facility, without costly demolition and reconstruction. Removing and reinstalling the Centurion, either within an existing facility(s) or in a different facility, is less time consuming and less costly than re-location of a hard-wired system. The scalable system capability adapts easily to any expansion and/or reconfiguration.

Reliability: They Centurion® has built in fail safes to ensure maximum uptime and reliability for customers. The system itself has a backup battery capable of powering the system for 24 hours. All of the wireless sensors used with the system have a standard three year life span. The system will monitor the status of all the sensors assigned to it. In the event a sensor goes missing, or the battery gets low, the Centurion® can be set to notify the user.  The Centurion® also has a built in test feature which will allow users to test the sensors without triggering any of the alarming outputs.

Compatibility: While the Centurion® can be used to solve many different problems a facility may have, we understand the need to be able to integrate with other systems. The Centurion®  can be integrated with many different types of systems, including many of the most common access control systems.


  • Sensor Capacity:999
  • Unique Notification Capacity:255
  • Wireless Frequency:900Mhz
  • Outputs:Radio/Phone/Email/Speaker
  • Power Input:120V AC
  • Battery Backup:Yes
  • Dimensions:12″w x 15″h x 5.5″d
  • Weight:17.5 lbs.