Hytera H-Series HM782 Mobile…

Hytera H-Series HM782 Mobile Radio

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The HM782 Mobile Radio is the next generation in creative style and functionality that elevates the industry standard in professional digital two-way radios. The HM782 is the new state-of-the-art mobile radio, providing a more efficient and reliable experience with loud and clear audio, an intuitive user interface, and gateway connectivity between radio and data networks.

• Multi-System Flexibility
• Greater Calling Flexibility
• Clear and Bright Display
• Enhanced Worker Safety
• Louder and Clearer Audio
• Enhanced GPS Location Tracking
• Higher Security
• Durable and Rugged

APPLICATION EXAMPLES: The HM782 can extend coverage range, connect multiple radio sites, provide wireless data transmission, and support multiple simultaneous mode functions.

Back-to-Back: The HM782 can be deployed back-to-back to enable communication between analog and digital radios, or radios with different frequencies. Two HM782 radios can be deployed back-to-back, or one radio and a repeater can be used.

Wireless Link: In situations where a wired IP network is unavailable between two repeaters, two HM782 radios using different frequencies can provide a wireless link between the repeaters.

IP Transmit: Multiple HM782 mobile radios can be connected to an Ethernet/IP network to provide a reliable and cost-effective method to connect remote radio sites and extend coverage areas. IP transit can connect radio sites with analog or digital radios, and radios with different frequencies.

Clarity Transmission: The clarity transmission feature provides a wireless data path between remote network devices and a central network management station. HM782 radios function as compact gateway devices and provide wireless channels that transparently transmit data without any modification, and can be deployed in a variety of monitoring and industrial control processes.