Kenwood NX-5200/5300/5400

Kenwood NX-5200/5300/5400

Whether you are intent on going fully digital, undecided about which digital system to pick, or just wanting to maintain both digital and analog for a while. An NX-5000 radio can simultaneously support two digital protocols plus analog, offering the following combinations: FM/DMR/ NXDN, FM/NXDN/P25, and FM/DMR/P25

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The NX-5000 Series offers unsurpassed interoperability for a wide variety of users as it supports three digital CAIs — NXDN, DMR and P25 (Phase 1 & 2) — plus FM analog in a single radio. Best of all, a desired CAI can be selected at will, giving you the freedom to migrate at your own pace



– Multi-Digital + FM Analog Operation
・Gen2 & NXDN® Conventional/Type-C Trunking Protocol
・DMR Tier II Conventional
・P25 Conventional/Trunking (Phase 1/Phase 2)
– FM Analog Conventional & LTR Zones
– Color GUI and Multi-line Text Display
– 1,000 mW Speaker Audio (@8 Ω, 5% distortion)
– 4-way Directional-pad (D-pad) and 2-Position Lever Switch
– 6 Front & 2 Side PF keys
– 12-Key Keypad Models Available
– Emergency / AUX Key
– MDC-1200
– FleetSync®/II
– Maximum of 4,000 CH/Radio capacity, 512 CH/Zone, 128 Zones
– Intrinsically Safe Option