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Safety Vision – Foresight PRO


The Foresight PRO video management system is the powerful video software for the Observer series of recorders. Foresight PRO provides all the necessary playback and investigative tools you need, right at your fingertips. With a secure login, users can view every camera angle at once and zoom in on important details. Use the blur feature to protect the identity of your drivers and passengers. See speed, GPS route history, and other vehicle metadata such as turn signals, breaks, hazard lights and much more – all synchronized with recorded video and graphically displayed for easy analysis. When paired with WIFI and cellular networking, Foresight PRO’s back-end solution provides features such as wireless video downloading, system email health reports, custom email alerts, live video streaming and fleet tracking. A convenient Evidence folder allows users to label, categorize, organize and generate incident reports after reviewing critical video clips. Also available as a downloadable app, Foresight PRO may be installed onto any internet accessible mobile device or tablet.