Safety Vision - HD…

Safety Vision – HD Monitor/Mirror Combo + External Cameras


The SB-TVMTOTAL-AHD combines a 7” HD monitor built within a rear view mirror of a school bus and includes 4 wide angle cameras, providing drivers with a 360° view around the bus. Positioned on the front, rear, left, and right side of the bus to create a single bird’s eye view, the SB-TVMTOTAL-AHD “sees what you can’t see” for navigating even in the tightest of spaces. Each camera offers a 200° field of view in 1080p HD resolution and is completely waterproof with an IP69K rating. Without having to add additional equipment to the driver area, the SB-TVMTOTAL-AHD conveniently replaces the standard rear view mirror of a school bus. When the monitor is not activated, it disappears, and a normal mirror view reappears. Use as a standalone camera system or in conjunction with your Safety Vision recorder!