Product Solutions for Your Specific Needs

NCI offers a wide range of voice, video, security and other technology from industry-leading brands, all configured to specifically meet your company’s or department’s objectives.

NCI offers two-way radio systems that meet public safety’s P25 standard for high-level performance, including all-digital, wide-area radio networks that provide a clear and secure connection at the push of a button. 

Video surveillance is an important component to facility security, and NCI represents some of the industry’s leading brands for robust solutions. Our expert team can help you design end-to-end video surveillance systems ranging from small to large scale, analog to digital technology.

NCI technicians can design wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions that offer your organization the ability to stay connected when a wired network configuration is not practical or the optimal choice.

NCI designs and installs entry access control systems as simple as a single door to thousands of doors, and a few access card holders to thousands at multiple locations. 

Cell signal enhancement requires expert installation for optimal performance, and NCI’s technicians have the experience to make this technology a cost-effective investment for your organization.

Effective fleet management requires communication and GPS dispatching software to keep things running smoothly for drivers, passengers and freight. NCI offers advanced technology that enhances daily operations and ensures access to urgent response when emergencies arise.

Dispatch solutions that leverage digital mobile radio (DMR) technology are more complicated than a yes or no question. There are many variables that must be determined prior to designing an appropriate system, and NCI engineers have the expertise to guide customers through the decision tree.

NCI offers the most advanced critical messaging solution designed for first responders. Unication’s G5 Dual Band P25 Voice Pager is a rugged, versatile device that bridges the technology gap between VHF, 800 trunk, UHF and P25-compliant systems.

Leverage NCI’s consultative services to help you wade through the maze of products on the market and choose the best solution for your particular situation. Not everyone’s needs (or budgets) are the same, making the research portion of the product selection process key to identifying the best value.

Multiple Brands to Choose From

NCI is not a single-brand operation, restricted to a single manufacturer. We have the flexibility to pick and choose the ideal products for your particular situation. This gives you peace of mind in knowing we can focus our recommendations on technology solutions that truly make sense.

Our ability to select from the best of the best is a significant benefit for you. Identifying appropriate product solutions is what we do best. Whether you function in the public safety, education, manufacturing or another sector, NCI can source products that fit your budget and enhance your operations.

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