The fastest D2R™ emergency notification systems on the market

Imagine transmitting location specific notifications direct to responders, and/or
officers’ two-way radios, cell phones, pagers, and email, all within split seconds.

Response Technologies provides duress and emergency response solutions including Centurion®, Centurion Elite®, PCAlert® and PCDuress® , Centurion Scout® wireless alarm and Centurion Armor™ product support and technology services for specialized markets in the U.S., such as courthouses, government facilities, hospitals and healthcare facilities, K-12 schools and colleges.

Centurion® products integrate & expand seamlessly with existing facility systems, and interface directly with law enforcement and other first-responders in real-time during an emergency situation – providing location-specific details, saving time and lives. Centurion® systems protect millions of people throughout the U.S.