Replace cellular with Diga-Talk and work more efficiently.

The Diga-Talk system is an all digital wide area system providing seamless automatic roaming. Take the often-abused cellular phone out of your employee’s hands and provide them with a more efficient and safer form of communication. Diga-Talk devices securely communicate only with the units in your organization. No more eavesdropping by outside sources on your sensitive communications.

Diga-Talk Coverage Map


Diga-Talk-NE-WI-Coverage Map - NE WI






Wide Area Digital Communication

  • Multiple tower coverage
  • No user switching
  • Seamless roaming

More Features

  • Talk one-to-one privately
  • Group call to the entire fleet
  • Secure encrypted communication
  • Noise cancelling for job sites
  • Unmatched and largest PTT service

Why are businesses switching to Diga-Talk?

  • Unlimited group calls
  • Flat-rate billing
  • Large coverage area
  • Digital voice quality
  • Secure network
  • Be compliant with the DOT hand-held cell phone ban