Efficient Systems for Wide-Area Communications Coverage

Effective fleet management and bus transportation require communication and GPS dispatching software to keep things running smoothly for drivers and passengers. NCI offers advanced technology that enhances daily operations and ensures access to urgent response when emergencies arise.

Real-Time Management Features
  • Handheld radios that are rugged, weather resistant, and have the power to last through an entire shift are the first step in creating dependable communications system, while mobile radios with GPS and telemetry capabilities offer advanced management features.
  • NCI’s fleet management GPS system tracks your fleet wherever it goes, records idle time, and ties into your maintenance schedule. You can gather data by driver, by vehicle, by route, helping you reduce fuel costs and idle labor expenses while maximizing the operations of your fleet. Data updates are available as quickly as 30 seconds.

Individuals across the variety of roles within the transportation industry depend on wide-area coverage to communicate regardless of geographic terrain. That includes urban areas, hilly and wooded regions, and rocky escarpments that tend to create dead zones for some systems. NCI has developed solutions to ensure communication challenges are seamless for efficient operations.

Accessories such as Bluetooth earpieces enable drivers to easily transmit and receive in noisy environments. Call us at 800-783-2293 for more information about customizing a communication system for your fleet

Eurotunnel is the most environmentally friendly cross channel operator in Europe. The Eurotunnel Group manages and operates the Channel Tunnel between Britain and France including the vehicle shuttle services. By the end of 2013, more than 320 million passages had already travelled through the channel tunnel. In 2014, Eurotunnel decided to change their outdated communication system. Hytera’s UK distributor ANT Telecom, a bespoke communication provider, won the tender to provide a Hytera two-way radio solution to Eurotunnel. The solution, customized for site-wide & emergency channel communication, was scheduled to go live 5th April 2014. Hytera replaced the existing analog system with a Hytera digital radio solution that provided full site communication, including RD98 repeaters and PD70X/78X portable radios.