What is Fire TKO and What does it do?

What is Fire TKO? 

Fire TKO is a super effective fire suppression tool “FST". Fire TKO is used by Firefighters, Police, First Responders, Office Buildings, Manufacturing Facilities, Hospitals, Boating Industry, and remote camps such as the YMCA as a highly effective fire suppression tool against early stage and fully developed fires. 

How does Fire TKO work? 

The Fire TKO is non-pressurized and is deployed manually by pulling a pin which will set off an electronic ignition system.

This generates an aerosol mist, which expands volumetrically, flooding the space and suppressing the flames within seconds. The Fire TKO is designed for the use on class A, B, C and K fires.

Early use of the FST will knockdown the flames, greatly reduce the temperature (by as much as 1,000°F in 30 seconds), reduce the need for water by as much as 80% and stop the fires propagation. 

Fox News 6 in Milwakuee Wisconsin calls the Fire TKO a “miracle machine"

Justin Williams of Fox 6 News says The FST Fire TKO “is a game-changing new tool that could revolutionize fire rescue forever, and it’s not just keeping local firefighters safe. It could save your home"

Read the full article here

Watch the Fox News 6 report below!

CBS News Channel 58 Milwakuee covers a story in which an FST Fire TKO was deployed by the Hartland Fire Department 

Peter Kastella of CBS 58 writes “Firefighters deployed an FST aerosol extinguisher and gained control of the fire in less than 10 minutes… five people living in the home, three adults and two teenagers were able to evacuate the house without injury"

Read the whole story here.

Watch CBS News Channel 58 Milwakuee Cover the use of a FST Fire TKO

The Big Bend Wisconsin Fire Department tested the FST Fire TKO against a basement fire in real time and was able to have the fire under control in 60 seconds. The FST Fire TKO took the temparture of the basement down from over 1,000 degrees to under 220 in 60 seconds. 

Watch the full test in the video

Watch a real time demonstration of the FST Fire TKO in action against a basement fire

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