10 No-Cost Ways to Improve Your Cell Signal Right Now

Jun 16, 2023

As an owner or manager of a large commercial building, you know how important it is to have reliable cell service for your tenants and employees. Weak signals can be frustrating and can even affect business operations. Here are ten ways you can temporarily improve your service to get that one quick phone call or text to go through:


1. Get To A Window.

If your building has thick walls made of metal or concrete, standing near a window can improve cell service by giving your device a clearer route to the cell tower.


2. Get Some Space.

In crowded spaces, try to isolate your device from other devices to improve your chances of getting a stronger cell signal.


3. Increase Your Elevation.

Getting to a higher floor or a nearby hill can improve cell service by giving your device a clearer line of sight to the cell tower.


4. Charge Your Cell Phone Or Device.

A fully charged battery gives your device the maximum amount of power to reach cell towers.


5. Close Unused Applications.

Closing unused apps and pages allows your device to devote all its performance to loading data, which can improve your connection.


6. Reboot Your Cell Signal.

Rebooting your cell signal by turning on Airplane Mode for 5 seconds and then turning it off can allow your device to tap into a different cell tower that offers a stronger signal.


7. Use Your Wi-Fi Network.

If you have a healthy Wi-Fi internet connection, you can use it to make calls, send texts, and stream data, using your Wi-Fi signal.


8. Find A Cell Phone Tower Near You.

Use websites or apps like Antenna Search or OpenSignal to find the nearest cell tower and try to get a better line of sight or closer in distance to it.


9. Don’t Block The Antenna.

Hold your phone upright with minimal touching of the sides of the device to avoid blocking the antenna.


10. Try A Different Phone Or Carrier.

If all else fails, someone may have a stronger signal with a different phone or carrier, so it may be worth testing different devices and providers.


Additionally, you can consider investing in a signal booster. Nielson Communications can help you. We can perform a comprehensive analysis of your in-building coverage, identifying weak spots and potential sources of interference. Our team of experts can then design and install a custom Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) system tailored to your building’s unique needs. With Nielson Communications, you can be sure that your tenants, customers, or employees will enjoy reliable and consistent cell service throughout the building. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you enhance your building’s connectivity.