Enhanced Communications to Drive Operational Efficiency

Manufacturing environments present a variety of communications challenges ranging from noise levels to concrete and steel buildings ripe with dead zones. NCI develops communication solutions that help manufacturers address these issues for maximum safety and productivity.

Complete In-Building Coverage
  • Safety and efficiency objectives require comprehensive signal coverage throughout a manufacturing plant, regardless of which floor, building, or nook and cranny a worker is located. NCI supplies industry-leading radios that are lightweight and durable to get the job done all day long.
  • Manufacturers are always searching for ways to improve efficiency and respond to urgent situations as quickly as possible. Digital voice communications and data messaging, integrated into popular work order management software suites, enables manufacturers to manage their entire staff.
  • Accessories such as heavy-duty earmuffs and Bluetooth earpieces allow for effective communication even in noisy factory environments. Our Man Down feature enables management to know when a worker has fallen or is taking an unauthorized rest. NCI also supplies repeaters to extend signal coverage for larger plants or those with multiple sites.

The fast-paced operating environment of today’s manufacturing leaders in many cases has exceeded the acceptable standards for workforce communication. Underground structures, rock or concrete-walled tunnels, and multiple buildings within the property all require advanced technology to overcome their inherent communication challenges.

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Manufacturing / Industrial
Since two way radios were introduced by Hytera, it has became a standard tool for every large construction site. Originally, mobile radios were mainly used in cars, trucks and cranes; today portables radios guarantee smooth operation and safety on site.