Customer Service Powered by Communication

Customer service is king in the hospitality business, and effective communication within staff is the most efficient way to coordinate efforts toward that goal. NCI provides communication tools the hospitality industry uses to respond quickly to the daily challenges of making people happy.

Large Resorts Present Communications Challenges
  • Maintenance and security staff have a lot of ground to cover at sprawling properties that often feature multiple buildings, water parks, and even golf courses. Outdoor crews require rugged, weather-resistant radios that can withstand the demands of a daily workload without impacting worker performance. Fast response times to customer requests are a great way to differentiate your operation from the competition.
  • NCI provides cost-effective communication systems and base station repeaters that enable large resorts to provide the level of service their customers expect. Optional data messaging and integration into popular hospitality work order management software suites gives resorts the ability to manage a large staff efficiently.

In an era when complaints of poor customer service can show up on social media as quickly as it takes a guest to grab their phone, hospitality professionals are redoubling their efforts to coordinate maintenance and security personnel. Portable radios increasingly are the technology of choice as the need for reliable communications has never been greater.

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Maximizing Guest Experience
  • Staff communications at hotels and resorts must be discrete as well as efficient in order to maintain privacy. The hospitality industry strives to complete daily operations without attracting attention, and the slim, pocket-sized design of portable radios from NCI allow for convenient access to communications technology.
  • Bluetooth earpieces enable staff to communicate without disturbing guests with obtrusive radio noise, and base station repeaters enhance signal strength for larger hotels or those with multiple buildings. NCI’s customizable radio solutions are ideal for hospitality organizations looking to upgrade to a clear digital communication platform.
The North Star Mohican Casino Resort, located on 20 acres of land in northern Wisconsin, features a Las Vegas-style casino and a full-service resort with 130 hotel rooms. Other amenities include a spa, several conference rooms, additional gaming space, as well as diverse dining and entertainment venues. The 600,000-square-foot facility employs a staff of over 400, and is committed to providing the highest level of service to its customers in a prompt and professional manner. Working closely with Hytera dealer Nielson Communications, North Star opted for the Hytera DMR (Digital Mobile Radio) communication system, which would address the coverage issues and provide the talk group capability required for enhanced communications throughout the facility. Hytera DMR PD782G radios, in conjunction with the RD982 DMR repeater and two Omni antennas, provided North Star with an affordable and reliable communication system to effectively manage daily operations of the resort and casino.