Reliable Communications Solutions for Large-Area Coverage

The communication needs of utilities range far beyond those of most organizations outside of public safety. Topographical challenges, storm damage, and pure distance issues can create conditions that render normal cellular service impractical. An increasing number of utilities are updating their systems to digital technology for a more efficient communication solution with the additional benefit of expanded data capabilities.

Dependable Performance in All Conditions
  • Utility providers need easy-to-use and dependable communications when disasters and large-scale outages occur. Linemen and emergency response teams require wide-area coverage to communicate across multiple locations in often-harsh conditions. They need rugged, weather-resistant radios that have the power to last through a full day.
  • NCI provides cost-effective solutions that feature clear, digital voice communications, data messaging, and integration into popular work order management software suites. Accessories include heavy-duty earmuffs, covert and Bluetooth earpieces that allow for use in noisy environments, and base stations repeat the signal and extend coverage.
  • Water utilities benefit from the system’s ability to send telemetry messages to the dispatch center, alerting staff to event triggers such as the movement of water levels beyond certain levels, valve or door openings, etc.

Digital communication solutions from NCI can ensure seamless operations regardless of the situation. Utilities leverage digital communications and data-driven solutions to manage resources and perform tasks quicker and safer than ever before.

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The Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District serves approximately 120,000 residents and businesses on the North Bay sub-region of the San Francisco Bay Area. Its mission is to make Vallejo a safe and healthy place to live and work by keeping the city's wastewater and storm water free from pollution. The District has won numerous statewide awards for community engagement and plant safety. The District has been using Hytera radios for 3 years. The coverage of the PD602 radios has reduced the need for repeaters in areas that used to pose coverage issues.