Reliable Communications for Government Agencies

Government workers need access to reliable communications equipment for effective operations. NCI works with government entities to design efficient communications systems and data-driven solutions that help teams operate faster and safer than ever before.

Snow Removal and Road Maintenance Operations
  • It can be argued that road maintenance and snow removal crews are among the most important government employees to the average citizen. After all, is there anything more imperative on a snowy morning than having your street plowed so you can get to work on time? That is why administrative and dispatch teams rely on digital radio solutions for efficient field operations.
  • NCI provides lightweight, rugged radios that are capable of lasting a full day’s shift along with mobile radios with advanced monitoring features. These systems provide superior voice quality and data capabilities, with the added benefit of minimal dead zones and enhanced in-building coverage. Mobile radios have the ability to send telemetry messages to the dispatcher such as door openings and plow movements, with time stamps and GPS locations for later analysis.
  • Optional accessories include heavy-duty earmuffs and covert and Bluetooth earpieces that enable effective communication even in noisy environments. Base stations repeat the signal and extend coverage for larger areas and multiple sites.

Departments such as public works, water and sewage, waste and environmental, even correctional facilities absolutely have to have top-level communications in their role maintaining community stability and encouraging development. Forward-thinking government planners are upgrading their communications systems to rugged and dependable digital solutions for exceptional clarity and signal coverage.

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Radio communications have always played an important and critical part in the role of MSS providing security services to its clients. MSS staff previously used a variety of analog radios and was well aware of the limitations of analog radio systems with poor and inconsistent radio communications and issues with battery life. After deploying a Hytera Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) system at Governor Philip Tower in Sydney, and seeing the positive impact it made compared to analog radios, MSS Management decided to deploy the same Hytera digital radios when they were awarded the security contract at the very high profile