Enhancing Security and Staff Efficiency

Accuracy and speed are critical when lives are at stake. Healthcare organizations trust NCI with communications and security technology that keep large hospitals as well as satellite locations connected throughout northeast Wisconsin.

HIPAA-Compliant Communications
  • Communications within the healthcare setting must be encrypted in order to maintain patient confidentiality and meet HIPAA regulations. NCI offers small, lightweight radios that feature a cost-effective, digital solution for staff that are constantly on the move. These rugged units have the power to last multiple shifts while improving efficiency and the ability of staff to respond to critical situations.
  • Built-in encryption, complemented by a range of accessories including covert and Bluetooth earpieces, enable communications between staff while maintaining patient confidentiality. The device’s large display screen allows for clear and encrypted messaging without disturbing patients or compromising privacy. This customizable system can leverage base stations to repeat the signal and extend coverage for larger buildings and healthcare systems with multiple locations.

Effective communication is a cost-effective way to improve the all-important patient satisfaction and physician satisfaction survey results so diligently tracked by the healthcare industry. Communication technology from NCI helps staff take immediate action or call for assistance in the event of a disturbance or emergency situation.

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ThedaCare™ is a community health system consisting of seven hospitals and 35 clinics across 14 counties in Northeastern Wisconsin. It is the third largest health care employer in the state, with approximately 6,800 employees serving over 235,000 patients. The Appleton Medical Center is an integral part of the ThedaCare health system, specializing in cancer, heart, and orthopedic care. The analog radios being used by the security staff were not providing adequate coverage throughout the center, with communication lapses and poor audio quality. Additionally, they were looking for a radio system that would allow secure communications between Appleton and two other hospitals in the ThedaCare system. To address these issues, Hytera Dealer Nielson Communications recommended both the PD682 and PD782 radios. The PD782s are built to military standards, making them durable enough for everyday use by the security staff.