Communications When You Need It Most

Emergency services and other public safety organizations depend on effective radio communications for mission-critical response times in protecting the community. Agencies across the country are updating their old analog systems to digital solutions as they focus on preventing failures and expanding data capacity.

Mission Critical Performance
  • Time is of the essence when lives are on the line. Public safety professionals require easy-to-use devices with advanced digital technology to effectively communicate in the field. Dispatchers and rescue personnel need wide-area coverage to communicate across coverage areas, and both mobile and portable radios come into play for the driving EMT and the EMT attending the patient.
  • Digital communication systems provide the clear audio necessary for emergency situations, as well as data messaging and integration into popular fleet management software suites. NCI offers a selection of weather-resistant portable and mobile radios that feature GPS and telemetry capabilities. Covert and Bluetooth earpieces enable rescue personnel to communicate effectively in noise and often chaotic environments.

Older analog systems often struggle with dead zones and high-static areas, particularly in heavily wooded areas and inside large buildings. NCI’s expert team assists public safety and emergency services agencies will the type of seamless coverage they need to ensure the safety of citizens as well as staff. Communications free from interruption – regardless of environment – is the key to saving lives.

Optional base stations repeat the signal and extend coverage for larger areas and multiple sites. Call us at 800-783-2293 for more information or to schedule a consultation about how NCI’s customizable solutions can help your public safety organization migrate to a clear digital communications and data monitoring system.

Public Safety
The local police and security services have migrated to Hytera Digital Mobile Radio (DMR). The local authorities now use Hytera SmartDispatch to control and monitor communications across the area, further strengthening security and public safety across the region using the latest technology.