We Can Hear You Now

Cellular technology is a wonderful thing, but even it has its physical limitations. You know this to be true if you have ever glanced at your phone after walking into a building, concrete parking structure or elevator and noticed the number of reception bars disappear from your phone’s screen.

The limitations of cellular and radio signals became apparent during the 9/11 attacks in 2001 when first responders to the World Trade Center’s twin towers could not effectively communicate through the concrete and metal superstructure. The International Code Council and the National Fire Protection Association have since added first responder radio coverage requirements to their book of codes.

Cell signal enhancement requires expert installation for optimal performance, and NCI’s technicians have the experience to make this technology a cost-effective investment for your organization.

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Components of a Signal Enhancement System

The most common type of cell signal enhancement technology is a bi-directional amplifier (BDA). This in-building system brings cellular signals inside a building from outside, passes them through a signal booster for amplification, and then evenly distributes the enhanced signals using a distributed antenna system (DAS).