Communication Solutions For Hospitals

“Most truly great hospitals are pioneers, places that took KENWOOD radios and systems can work for you: risks and gave opportunities to innovative thinkers. Instead of accepting the status quo, these organizations constantly ask, about tasks large and small, ‘Is there a better way?’”

“It’s the thoughtful use of technology that really matters, the way it is integrated into workflows and supports the work of the hospital. You don’t have to be cutting edge all the time, you just need to recognize the relevance (or lack thereof) of any technology and involve the front-line users in the adoption of technology.”
– Becker’s Hospital Review

Trusted by first responders throughout the U.S., KENWOOD brings the same level of ruggedness and sophisticated features to digital radios used in hospitals. Reliable communications with digital radios support what is integral to a successful hospital, which is providing a high level of safety, privacy and comfort to patients while functioning with speed and efficiency.


In addition to the medical staff, healthcare facilities have many people on the premises employed in a wide variety of trades and services, all of which have health and safety hazards associated with their work. Digital two-way radios, with their immediate-on capability, provide a tool for workers to be efficient and safe on the job.

While communications may be as routine as facilitating a care-team hand-off or as urgent as an emergency alert to security about a dangerous confrontation between a visitor and a staff member, digital radios always make the call quick and simple. Any delay or interruption can delay patient care, possibly jeopardizing their safety.

A minor spill in a hallway could quickly turn catastrophic in the fast-paced hospital environment. On a digital radio, housekeeping, maintenance and security can all be part of the one-to-many call to take care of the spill. With a smartphone, it would take more time to have three separate conversations, plus the time to dial and connect, to address the same issue.


For communications within a hospital to be effective, it must be pervasive. With enhanced range, digital radios will work in areas where smartphones cannot get a signal, or their use is prohibited. Further, digital radios are purpose-built for business, discouraging personal use, and, unlike analog two-way radios, all communications are encrypted, preserving HIPAA standards for patient privacy.

KENWOOD digital radios are not susceptible to failure in an emergency. Built to military specs for durability and featuring long-lasting batteries, staff members can rely on their clear, loud voice communications to help them ensure patient care in any situation.



When the entire team uses digital radios, whether they are directly involved with patient care or providing critical support behind the scenes, information is shared in real-time. This makes it easy to collaborate, make decisions and adjust to changing circumstances.

The expanded coverage of digital radios provides reliable communications between multiple hospitals within a network or region. Digital radios can be set up to integrate with local public safety and other emergency agency communications when a coordinated system-wide response is required.



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