FireTKO® is a highly effective fire suppression tool “FST" used by Firefighters, Police, Armed forces and First Responders.

 A small, portable unit containing potassium based chemical components. It is designed to be a first-use method to combat class A, B, C, and K fires.

 The FST is capable of preventing a flash-over and a back-draft. It will double protection for Fire Fighters as it will lower the temperature under the self-ignition temperature of the fire gasses. The second safety feature is the aerosol itself, once it’s active in the atmosphere, the fire gasses are made inert and cannot be ignited..


  • Width: 12 7/50 in
  • Height: 9 7/50 in
  • Depth: 4 1/2 in
  • Weight: 11.24 lb
  • Compound Weight: 6.4 lb
  • Volume Coverage: ≤ 5,300cu.ft.
  • Discharge Time: 33 seconds
  • Activation types: Manual with Electronic Ignition

Product Highlights

  • Extraordinary knock down & fast suppression capabilities
  • Reduces temperatures as much as 1,000°F in 30 seconds
  • Cuts water usage by as much as 80%,
  • Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-conductive
  • Effective against Class Fires of A, B, C and K
  • Extremely safe, non pressurized 
  • 15-year shelf life and 5 year battery life
  • One unit protects up to 5,300 Cubic Feet 
  • Preserves fire scene for investigation
  • Operates to ​ -65° F
  • Does not reduce or deplete  (O²) Oxygen

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Watch the FST Fire TKO in action here!