Establishing a Trusted Partnership: A Case Study of Nature’s Way

Sep 29, 2023


Nature’s Way, a prominent manufacturing company specializing in oils, probiotics, herbs, and vitamins based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, sought a reliable communication solution across multiple campuses. This case study highlights the enduring partnership between Nature’s Way and Nielson Communications, showcasing how their ongoing trust and collaboration have revolutionized communication within the company.


The Trusting Partnership:

For over four years, Nature’s Way has placed their unwavering trust in Nielson Communications as their preferred communication partner. Director of Engineering, Mark Nelson, initiated the partnership to address Nature’s Way’s complex communication requirements. Since then, Nielson Communications has consistently delivered outstanding service and support.


Challenges Faced:

Nature’s Way faced the challenge of establishing efficient and cost-effective communication throughout their facilities. Recognizing the expertise and reliability of Nielson Communications, they decided to implement Hytera HP782 and other Hytera Two-Way Radios. These advanced radios provided seamless group communication, allowing Nature’s Way to enhance productivity, safety, and coordination among various departments.


The Positive Impact:

The ongoing partnership between Nature’s Way and Nielson Communications has yielded significant positive impacts. Nature’s Way continues to witness increased productivity, streamlined operations, and improved safety measures. The Hytera radios have become an indispensable tool for efficient communication and effective team coordination, ensuring smooth workflows and enhanced employee satisfaction.


Continued Trust & Growth:

Nature’s Way’s ongoing partnership with Nielson Communications is a testament to the trust they place in the company. Their consistent orders for new Hytera HP782 and other Hytera Two-Way Radios demonstrate the enduring commitment to rely on Nielson Communications for their communication needs. The partnership has enabled Nature’s Way to remain at the forefront of reliable and innovative communication solutions.


Exceptional Customer Support:

Nielson Communications has solidified their position as a trusted partner through exceptional customer support. Their commitment to providing top-notch service, timely assistance, and expert guidance has further strengthened the bond with Nature’s Way. The ongoing relationship between the two companies is built on mutual trust, reliability, and the shared goal of optimizing communication systems.



Nature’s Way Manufacturing and Nielson Communications have fostered an enduring and trusted partnership over the past four years. Nielson Communications’ expertise, reliability, and commitment to exceptional customer support have made them the preferred communication partner for Nature’s Way. The ongoing collaboration has empowered Nature’s Way to achieve seamless communication, increased productivity, and enhanced safety. As Nature’s Way continues to grow, they can rely on Nielson Communications for innovative and reliable communication solutions.

As a business or institution looking to optimize communication and security protocols, partnering with Nielson Communications can yield exceptional results. Join Nature’s Way and experience the benefits of a robust communication platform. Contact Nielson Communications today to find out how they can help you enhance safety, improve operations, and ensure seamless communication across your organization.