Centurion Scout Portable Alarm

Centurion Scout Portable Alarm


The Centurion Scout is our second generation, smaller, lighter Portable Alarm System, featuring even greater ease of operation and more advanced technology. Housed in its rugged Pelican™ brand case, Scout conveniently travels and covertly works wherever security risks are known or anticipated — from construction sites to retail locations to the home, office or hotel room.

How it works: A location-specific notification, triggered by a variety of wireless sensors, is received via officers’ existing two-way radios or phone. Officers know immediately where they’re needed.


  • Sensor Capacity:250
  • Unique Notification Capacity:1
  • Audio Outputs:Radio/Phone
  • Water Resistant:Yes
  • Operating temperature range::-20° F to 150° F
  • Power Input:110V wall outlet / External Battery
  • Battery Backup:3 Days
  • Dimensions:13.4”l x 11.6”w x 6”h
  • Weight:13 lbs.