Communications for Every Situation

Security can be the ultimate all or nothing shift experience for the professionals dedicated to protecting people and property. One minute all is well; the next, all heck is breaking loose. It is for both of those situations and everything in between that NCI provides industry-leading communications solutions geared toward efficiency and safety.

Improved Response Times
  • Security personnel need pocket-sized radios that make carrying and operating them an unobtrusive accessory. NCI’s collection of accessories include covert and Bluetooth earpieces that enable security staff to communicate discretely and effectively in noisy as well as very quiet environments. Long-lasting batteries ensure power for multiple shifts when necessary.

Security firms require light-weight, durable radios that last a full day’s shift, with in-building signal coverage to assist in quickly and safely handling urgent situations such as intruders or conflicts. Clear voice communications, easy-to-read data messaging, and integration into popular management software suites enhance security capabilities.

NCI also supplies base stations that repeat the signal and extend coverage for large facilities or clients with multiple sites. Call us at 800-783-2293 for more information or to schedule a consultation about how NCI’s customizable solutions can improve your security operations and enhance safety.
In 2007, the Turkish National Police met with Hytera after purchasing TC3600 radio sets and accessories, and sought further cooperation with Hytera to renew most of their radio sets that needed essential upgrades. Since then, Turkish National Police has kept a close eye on all of Hytera’s newest products. Hytera recommended the world’s first professional covert DMR portable radio, X1e. Its compact design and wireless headsets fully guarantee that equipment is concealed. In addition, AES encryption algorithm & 256-digit dynamic encryption keys were applied to make sure that communication data can’t be cracked by a third-party. Hytera also provided its professional smart dispatch system, through which officials in the command center can keep abreast of position information of personnel and then command and dispatch efficiently and quickly.