Fleet Management Systems & GPS Navigation

GPS Navigation and Tracking

One of our primary objectives is to offer our customers a wireless solution that will increase their productivity while providing an excellent return on their investment. Click here to learn how to manage your fleet efficiently and effectively.





Two Way Radios - Performance You Depend On

Two Way Radios - Voice Communications-Data-Mobiles-Portables-RepeatersTwo-way radios can make a real improvement in your daily productivity: coordinating people, vehicles, deliveries, maintenance, and equipment.


• UHF, VHF, Conventional and Trunked Radios:
Mobile, Portable, and Repeaters

• System Design & Engineering: Voice and Data

• Installation and Service

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NCI Wide-Area Radio Dispatch Network

Our NCI Network provides private, wide-area, wireless voice communications, text messaging and GPS asset management to users throughout Northeast Wisconsin without interference or interruption at a cost that is much less than cellular.



Flat Monthly ChargeDispatch Systems-Wide Area Networks-Trunked Radios-SMR

Invoices remain constant, no overages or hidden charges


Unlimited Airtime
Communicate with your employees as
needed without worry of additional costs


Reduction of Employee Down Time
Better employee management through the use of AVL Fleet Management systems: GPS, know the where, when and how long for each vehicle


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Marine Navigation System Engineering & Installation

Marine Navigation System Engineering & Installation


Furuno ▪ Raytheon ▪ Icom ▪ Simrad ▪ And More
Available through Bay Electronics



Marine Navigation System Engineering & Installation

Bay Electronics, our sister office in Door County, WI, is the recognized dealer/installer for marine electronics in the Great Lakes.


We sell & support all major brands for navigation, radar, fish finders, GPS, VHF & SSB radios, chartplotters, satellite TV & phone systems, satellite internet communication, and autopilots for use on commercial vessels, luxury yachts, and discerning pleasure boaters.


Our customers include:


US Coast Guard Vessels


US Navy Vessels


Small and Large Yachts (Pleasure Boaters)


U.S. Fincantieri/Marinette Marine Corp.


Palmer Johnson Yachts, LLC





The TETRA Voice & Data Solution TETRA Voice and Data Systems

TETRA, long recognized by many industries such as Utilities, Land and Transportation, Healthcare, and public safety as the leading TDMA style trunked voice and data solution.


Agencies requiring mission critical infrastructure and technology may learn more here.


931 MHz Spectrum Available For Purchase


931 MHz Sepctrum Available Across United States


931 MHz Spectrum

Bandwidth up to 500 KHz


View for detailed spectrum availability
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Rick Nielson, PE
Nielson Communication
(dba Bay Electronics)
Green Bay, WI | Sturgeon Bay, WI

Solutions for Public Safety & Government

Offering a complete line of mission critical products, services and accessories.
Wireless Communication Solutions for Public Safety and Emergency Management


▪ True Interoperability:
Instant communication and data sharing enabling agencies to communicate as one.

▪ Critical Networks:
Always available, operating as a lifeline to keep all
responders in contact with up to date information, every day and especially during a crisis.

▪ Mission Critical Data:
The power of pre-emptive intelligence to facilitate
informed, rapid response by means of secure
information distributed by 'always available' networks.

▪ Planning & Integration:
We seamlessly dovetail planning, program
management, integration issues, wireless networking, and system staging through final testing for mission critical systems.

▪ Expertly Supported:
We provide ongoing system monitoring of our mission critical solution, manning support centers, managing maintenance and enhancement, continually supplying training as needs change, and technology evolves.


Staffed with FCC licensed professionals to help you determine the best solutions.




Our Partners

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Nielson Communications has been a leader in the wireless communications industry in Wisconsin since 1974. We pride ourselves in finding the best wireless solutions and products for government, business or industry. Our commitment to our customers is why Nielson Communications continues to provide high quality wireless communication products and services for over thirty years.

The installation, service, and support before and after the sale are all crucial elements in providing customers with a totally functional system. Prompt customer service and support is Nielson Communications highest priority. When a company takes out an investment in Nielson Communications, they can stand assured that their investment will provide an excellent return.

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